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 Important Things to remember when Applying for USA B1 B2 Visa(Tourism / Business / Visiting Etc)


1. IELTS/GRE/TOEFL for b1 b2 visa is not required


2. You can carry the bank statement if you have your funds


3. Any Age person can apply for USA B1 B2 Visa


4. Education is not Must for applying B1 B2 Visa



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About US


We are the Best USA B1 B2 Visa Consulants providing the Best service to all our Cusomters. We analysize the applicants profile and let them know how to apply for the USA B1 B2 Visiting/Tourist/Business visa.


Below is the Process for B1 B2 Visa applications.


Step 1 : Kindly send us your Passport front and back Picture and your email Address.


Step 2 : Once we received your passport pics, we will reply you with USA Consulate Bank account number Where you can pay your Visa Fees to the embassy directly.


Step 3 : Once your are done with Visa Fees payment, we schedule your Slot for the Bio metric and interview.


Step 4 : As per the Date of your interview now you can start collecting the required documents as per your travel needs(We can guide you in this step as well.). This Includes Invitation from your Friends or Relatives or your business clients who are from USA. Don't worry If you don't know any person  to send the Invitation to you. You can even apply for a USA Tourist Visa also.


Step 5 : Now, Go to your interview and get your visa.


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USA B1 B2 Visa is for Those who are Planning to Go to USA For Visiting, Tourism or Business Purpose. Example 1 : if you are working in an Indian company (Or) If your friends (or) Family are stahing in USA (Or) if you want to see Sight Seeings in USA (or) if you want to have a vacation in the USA, then you can Apply for USA B1 B2 Visa. B1 B2 visa is for short stays no longer than 6 months.

B1/B2 Visas Are combined given to the applicant But the Purpose while applying for the visa is Different. Example 1 : if you are applying from  your company(if you are going to USA on behalf of your company on a business visit or meeting etc), Then you have to Apply for B1 visa(so here we are specifically mentioning that you are going on a business purpose). Example 2 : if you are going to meet your Friends/Childrens/Relatives who are Staying in United States of America, Then we have to Apply B2 Visa(So here we are specifically mentioning that you are going on a visit purpose). Example 3 : If you want to go for a Vacation in United States of America, then you have to apply for B2 visa. But note that, What ever the type of visa you are Applying B1 or B2, You will get Both B1(Business)  Visa and B2(Visiting family and friends, Tourism, medical) Visa with 10 Years of Multiple Entry Visa to USA. You can Stay in USA for 6 Months Maximum(Length of stay depends on the port of entry)  and You can even extent more time if there is a Valid Reason by applying.





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